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(1) = Chairman of the Board   (2) = Presiding (Lead) Director   Chair = Chair   Committee Member = Member
  Finance Audit Compensation Governance
Barbara T. Alexander     Member of Compensation Committee  
Sir Donald G. Cruickshank   Member of Audit Committee    
Raymond V. Dittamore   Committee Chair for Audit Committee    
Susan Hockfield Member of Finance Committee      
Thomas W. Horton   Member of Audit Committee    
Paul E. Jacobs (1)        
Sherry Lansing (2)       Committee Chair for Governance Committee
Harish Manwani        
Steve Mollenkopf        
Duane A. Nelles Committee Chair for Finance Committee      
Clark Randt       Member of Governance Committee
Dr. Francisco Ros Member of Finance Committee      
Jonathan J. Rubinstein     Member of Compensation Committee  
General Brent Scowcroft       Member of Governance Committee
Marc I. Stern     Committee Chair for Compensation Committee