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Empowering a new era of connected devices

Qualcomm is a global leader in the development and commercialization of foundational technologies that help power the modern mobile experience. From network equipment and broadband gateway equipment to consumer electronic devices, we help billions of people around the world connect, compute and communicate.

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Reporting segments

QCT • Qualcomm CDMA technologies

QCT(Qualcomm CDMA Technologies) develops and supplies integrated circuits and system software based on CDMA, OFDMA and other technologies for use in mobile devices, wireless networks, devices used in the Internet of Things (IoT), broadband gateway equipment, consumer electronic devices and automotive telematics and infotainment systems.

About QCT

QTL • Qualcomm technology licensing

QTL (Qualcomm Technology Licensing) grants licenses to use portions of our intellectual property portfolio, which includes certain patent rights essential to and/or useful in the manufacture, sale or use of certain wireless products.

About QTL

QSI • Qualcomm strategic initiatives

We conduct business primarily through our QCT (Qualcomm CDMA Technologies) semiconductor business and our QTL (Qualcomm Technology Licensing) licensing business. Our QSI (Qualcomm Strategic Initiatives) reportable segment makes strategic investments and includes revenues and related costs associated with development contracts with an equity method investee.

About QSI

Industry landscape

The mobile industry, the largest technology platform in the world, has reshaped the way we connect, compute and communicate with one another.

As our technology continuously grows and evolves, we expect to maintain our position as a market leader; especially within the next generation of wireless technology, known as 5G.

Key metrics


Approximate global mobile connections estimated as of September 30, 2018


By 2025, global 5G connections are projected to reach 1.3 billion worldwide, representing approximately 15% of total cellular connections.

5G strategy

Sparking the next generation of technological progress

Our 30 years of mobile expertise enables us to transform industries, create jobs, and enrich lives. By applying our extensive knowledge to virtually everything, we’re unlocking 5G.

Research & development

Investing in the spirit of innovation

Our inventions and breakthroughs have transformed the world in a big way. With more than $55.8B invested in research & development since 1985, our inventions have contributed to the formation of advanced cellular technologies.

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Sustainability is a key component of our future

We prioritize the environmental issues that are most important to our business and key stakeholders, including communities, nonprofit organizations, employees, governments, investors, suppliers and customers.

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Pioneers & inventors

Our team of approximately 35,400 employees is comprised of engineers, scientists and business strategists. We are from numerous different countries, speak different languages and provide unique perspectives. Together, we focus on a single goal—invent mobile technology breakthroughs.

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