QUALCOMM Announces BREW BrandXtend Signature Solution to Mobilize Branded Content

- BREW BrandXtend to Address the Need for Multiple Customer Access Channels in the Discovery and Delivery of Premium Mobile Content -

SAN DIEGO, June 20 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- QUALCOMM Incorporated (Nasdaq: QCOM), a leading developer and innovator of advanced wireless technologies and mobile data solutions, today announced the BREW BrandXtend(TM) Signature Solution, which opens new channels for branded media, entertainment, music and game companies to deliver their content to consumers, while also leveraging the current BREW(R) on-portal platform to drive advanced data services. BREW BrandXtend is aimed at driving the uptake of mobile content both on and off deck, collaborating with major brands to bring exciting, new content to operators and end-users.

As the latest addition to QUALCOMM's BREW Signature Solution portfolio, BREW BrandXtend not only extends the reach of leading media and entertainment brands by aiding in the mobilization and distribution of content, but it also supports the growth of QUALCOMM's operator-managed mobile data offerings.

A key aspect of the BREW BrandXtend Signature Solution is that it provides end users with a reliable and easy-to-use platform for the discovery and delivery of compelling mobile content. This includes an end-to-end content delivery and management system via QUALCOMM's deliveryOne(TM) offering; critical billing, reporting and settlement services; feature-rich marketing and campaign management tools; and the improvement of the end user experience via QUALCOMM's uiOne(TM) offering. QUALCOMM realizes the potential that an enhanced delivery and distribution platform holds for the industry and is further leveraging its acquisition of elata, made in August 2005, with the introduction of BREW BrandXtend.

QUALCOMM will continue to enhance its valuable relationships with leading operators by supporting the success of on-deck content even as the relevance of branded off-portal content grows. A key differentiator for BREW BrandXtend is that it provides operators with a platform that enables them to monetize off-portal branded content in a reliable and scaleable way.

"Multiple customer channels for the discovery and delivery of content have become essential, as the wireless industry continues to expand to include both on-deck and off-deck content," said Nick Lane, principal analyst, Informa Telecoms and Media. "In the UK, more than 70 percent of content revenues come from off-deck sources. While not as high in other key markets, the percentage of off-deck revenues is growing rapidly. Not only are operators now embracing the emergence of the off-deck market, but so are brands. Major brands are developing a dual on- and off-deck strategy designed to maximize revenues. This shift will enable brands to be more active in the creation and promotion of their rich mobile content."

"There is an industry need for a solution that assists both operators and noted brands in delivering advanced mobile content in a secure and reliable manner," said Mitch Oliver, vice president of solutions and marketing, QUALCOMM Internet Services. "QUALCOMM's BREW BrandXtend provides the wireless content industry with a new solution designed to drive the discovery and delivery of advanced data services. By working with leading brands and continuing to work with global wireless operators, QUALCOMM believes the BREW BrandXtend Signature Solution will be able to assist the entire wireless value chain in extending the reach and breadth of compelling mobile content to target audiences through new discovery avenues."

"When wireless subscribers have more ways to discover and access the mobile content that matters most to them, then the entire wireless data value chain benefits," said Brian Dunphy, senior director and head of brand and affinity relations for QUALCOMM Internet Services. "This is our goal with BREW BrandXtend, which will be led by QUALCOMM Internet Services' brand and affinity relations group. The group's ultimate goal is to assist leading brands in extending their reach with the distribution and promotion of their compelling mobile content by working with all members of the wireless value chain."

BREW solutions change the way people relate to wireless data services. By enabling discovery and delivery of high-value content, BREW creates opportunities for the wireless industry to enhance consumers' mobile data experience. QUALCOMM's comprehensive and targeted BREW Signature Solutions offer reduced time to market and lower capital investment for companies providing mobile products and services. Customers also can benefit from several modular BREW offerings, including uiOne, deliveryOne and QPoint(TM), which provide the foundation for customer-differentiated wireless data capabilities.

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