QUALCOMM Files Additional GSM Patent Infringement Suits Against Nokia

SAN DIEGO, April 3 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- QUALCOMM Incorporated (Nasdaq: QCOM) yesterday filed suit against Nokia in the Eastern District of Texas, Marshall Division for infringement of two patents and in the Western District of Wisconsin for infringement of three patents. These cases are directed exclusively to Nokia GSM/GPRS/EDGE cellular phones. The suit in Texas includes United States Patents Nos. 7,113,776 ("the '776 Patent"), 7,065,388 ("the '388 Patent") and 7,139,559 ("the '559 Patent") which all generally relate to the downloading of applications and other digital content over a GPRS/EDGE wireless data network. The suit in Wisconsin includes United States Patents Nos. 7,184,954 ("the '954 Patent") and 6,205,130 ("the '130 Patent") which both generally relate to speech encoders (also called "vocoders") used in certain models of GSM cellular phones. The federal courts in the Eastern District of Texas, Marshall Division, and in the Western District of Wisconsin, are noted for their extensive experience with patent litigation and their speedy adjudication of such cases. QUALCOMM seeks injunctive relief against future sales and damages related to phones already sold.

QUALCOMM's litigation is part of a worldwide effort to prevent Nokia from using the Company's valuable patented innovations without paying royalties. QUALCOMM has previously filed two other patent infringement lawsuits against Nokia's GSM/GPRS/EDGE cellular phones in the United States. There are similar cases pending in the U.K., France, Germany, Italy and China.

QUALCOMM's extensive patent portfolio includes more than 5,700 United States patents and patent applications and more than 35,000 patents and applications around the globe. QUALCOMM has entered into more than 140 royalty-bearing license agreements with the world's leading telecommunications equipment makers and consumer electronics manufacturers. The Company's extensive licensing program has fostered the widespread adoption of leading- edge technologies and promoted vibrant competition throughout the wireless industry, encouraging innovation and technological advancement. QUALCOMM is prepared to offer licenses under its essential GSM/GPRS/EDGE patents on fair and reasonable terms free from unfair discrimination to any company that requests one.

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