Annual report pursuant to Section 13 and 15(d)

Employee Benefit Plans Employee Stock Purchase Plan (Details)

Employee Benefit Plans Employee Stock Purchase Plan (Details) (Employee Stock Purchase Plans [Member], USD $)
In Millions, except Share data, unless otherwise specified
12 Months Ended
Sep. 29, 2013
Sep. 30, 2012
Sep. 25, 2011
Employee Stock Purchase Plans [Member]
Share-Based Compensation Arrangement by Share-Based Payment Award [Line Items]      
Percentage applied to fair market value of the Company's common stock to determine purchase price 85.00%    
Maximum amount of employee compensation that can be withheld 15.00%    
Shares authorized 46,709,000    
Shares Reserved for future issuance 10,713,000    
Shares issued in period 4,044,000 3,654,000 3,778,000
Share issued in period, average price per share $ 52.70 $ 48.31 $ 36.82
Employee Service Share-Based Compensation, Aggregate Disclosures [Abstract]      
Unrecognized compensation expense related to nonvested awards $ 21    
Cash received from exercise of purchase rights $ 213 $ 177 $ 139